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2016-01-17 14:45

Newknow-how:: three core technology to build high-end industrial equipment

      【article/high lithium electricity Wei Wenzhu 】 sponsored by the high lithium electricity "2015 annual meeting of high lithium electricity and electric vehicles" will be on January 7, 2016-9 fifth floor plum hall was held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. As China and the world's highest lithium battery industry specifications of the annual event, this annual meeting will be invited to multinational companies, listed companies, the industrial chain niche senior leader to attend the event together.
      Guangzhou neosaurus hao industrial equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "neosaurus hao") is one of the sponsors of this annual meeting.
      It is understood that neosaurus hao is one specialized is engaged in the high technology industry equipment research and development, manufacture and sales of modern enterprise. The main products are vacuum helium leak detection equipment, helium recovery system, liquid filling equipment, automatic welding equipment, widely used in refrigeration, automobile, electric power and other industries.
      As a professional research and development of industrial equipment manufacturers, since its establishment neosaurus hao will independent research and development, master the core technology as the key point of the development of the company. After years of development, the company factory building area of 8000 square meters, existing staff more than 150 people, including product development, technical staff accounted for one third of the total number of employees.
      Industrial equipment co., LTD., vice general manager of guangzhou neosaurus hao MaXiaoYi to high lithium power grid is introduced, adopted neosaurus hao, and given priority to development design, assembly and debugging, and after-sales service of the new production pattern, and the management focuses on the organization of various resources to meet the specific needs of customers, for customers of different situation to launch products suitable for their use and technical requirements.
      At present, have neosaurus hao helium leak detection technology, vacuum technology, liquid processing three core technology, more than 20 years experience in the vacuum leak detection, dozens of patents of invention and utility model patent. Company to market the total more than one thousand sets of various types of special equipment, product successfully passed the Swiss SGS international certification services company ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification audit. Products in addition to the popular in the domestic market, also successfully reached the americas, Europe, Asia and Africa and other international markets.
      Neosaurus hao, meanwhile, has also established a perfect after-sale service system, formed in guangzhou, Shanghai and other places as the center of the after-sales service network, equipped with professional after-sales service engineer team, providing customers with safety, operation and maintenance of professional training, 24 hours to respond to customer service requirements, provide powerful guarantee for equipment operation.
      Among them, the independent research and development of the vacuum chamber neosaurus hao helium leak detection systems have nearly 10 countries patent technology certification, adopts full automation design, the aluminum shell lithium electricity, plastic li-ion battery, cylindrical battery shell leakage, such as the middle leak detection (liquid), battery product leak detection (note liquid seal) after helium leak detection showed good performance in the process.

      Newknow-how committed battery market, the refrigeration market, and automotive spare parts market, the electricity market, it is also actively explore new markets, and new energy vehicles and battery market as an important direction of the company's future development.
      Core technology and high-quality equipment for the new product Longhao development provides a strong guarantee, the company with annual sales of more than 30% average annual growth, to meet the development needs, the company has relocated three times, further expanding the New Dragon-ho competitiveness.
      Currently, the new Long Hao has been in refrigeration, automobile, electric power industry and the many well-known three companies reached a cooperation. Wherein in the refrigeration industry Gree, Midea, Hisense, Oaks, Changhong, TCL and other customers; in the automotive industry with Chery, FAW, BYD, Dongfeng and other customers; in the power industry ABB, Western Electric, Alcatel enamel electrical, Tianyu Electric and other customers Tianjin Lishen, Ogilvy, Benson and reached cooperation.
      Ma Xiaoyi said the new Long Hao will continue to invest heavily in technological innovation and transformation and upgrading, the core technology and standard automated production for customers to build high-quality and reliable industrial equipment.

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