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2019-03-11 12:29

3.8 Goddess Day Tourist Activities

"The grass warbler flies in February, the poplar and willow of Foti are drunk in spring smoke". This year's spring has arrived early, just after the Lantern Festival, the spring wind has blown all over Shenzhou, everywhere birds are singing and flowers are fragrant. The annual "38" Goddess's Day welfare comes. In order to further enhance the cohesion of the team, encourage everyone to love their work more, and strive to achieve happy work and happy life, the company organized all the Goddess to Guilin, Guangxi for three days.

When you know you can travel

That's what's going on inside everybody.

Hey Pi's mood

Goddesses can't help it one by one!

Finally, the goddesses set out! Start the Eat, Drink and Play Mode ~The journey of happiness begins!

DAY 1 Xiangzhou Elephant Trunk Mountain

On that day, we visited the elephant trunk mountain, a symbol of Guilin's landscape. "There is a bright moon at the bottom of the water, and it floats on the water. The water does not flow in the month, but it flows in the month. The scene is vividly depicted.

DAY 2 Sanjie Liu Grand View Garden

Understanding and experiencing the characteristics of Zhuang's song, Yao's dance, Miao's Festival and Dong's drum. The Jinchan pair of Getai, Liu Sanjie statues, stone carvings and embroidery balls in the scenic spot, centuries-old banyan, windy and rainy corridor, and Zhuangzhai Ganlan embody the Zhuang culture.

Land of idyllic beauty

As the "Peach Blossom Source Record" said, "The land is flat, the house is just like, there is a good field Michi Mulberry belongs to. The beautiful scenery of Landscape, Pastoral and Ethnic Minorities makes people linger and forget to return.

Silver Cave

The world karst cave miracle silver rock runs through twelve peaks. The cave contains stalactites grown in different geological ages. It is crystal clear and white, just like the Milky Way tilting down in the night sky. It sparkles like silver and diamond. There are three most famous landscapes: Snow Mountain Falls, Music Shiping, Yao Chi Wonderland; Three treasures: Buddha's Confucian Classics, Mixed Yuan Pearl Umbrella, and Single-pillar Optimus. Nature's ghost axe and magic work are displayed vividly here, so it is known as the "world cave treasure house"!

DAY 3 游漓江


The company always adheres to people-oriented, organizing outbound tourism activities is the company's full affirmation of the efforts of employees, but also the deep concern for employees. Through tourism, not only can employees enjoy the beauty of nature after their busy work, but also can greatly mobilize their enthusiasm for work, enhance the cohesion of enterprises and sense of teamwork, provide a good communication platform for all departments of the company to communicate with each other, and be able to devote more enthusiasm to their work and contribute their strength to the sustained and rapid development of the company. !

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