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2017-03-01 09:42

Newknow-how 2017 new layout

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As the pioneer of the domestic helium detector technology and all kinds of industrial products helium detector systems integrators, we applied for gree, midea, haier, AUX, TCL and other refrigeration and air conditioning factory and shield Ann. Three biggest refrigeration parts, such as flowers and and Volkswagen, general motors, ford, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, audi, tesla's major depot provides 2000 sets of professional inspection equipment helium! Aspire to new energy industry in China also create brilliant!

Lithium electricity equipment and production line automation, intelligent is not only a measure of lithium battery technology and product safety an important symbol of enterprise, but also to the inevitable trend of lithium electricity enterprise future manufacturing upgrade. Affected by the new energy automotive industry policy, the mainstream power battery enterprise expansion has dense, lithium electric equipment enterprise market dividend continued this year.

Research high production of lithium electricity institute (GGII) research shows that China's 2016 lithium-ion battery production equipment needs more than $14.5 billion, domestic production equipment production accounted for more than 80%, output value of more than 20% year-on-year growth. GGII predicted that in 2017 China's lithium-ion battery production equipment production and sales will continue to maintain rapid growth momentum.

According to high lithium power grid, as a professional engaged in laser precision laser welding equipment manufacturers, league win laser gain orders of about 1 billion yuan last year, including 6 or 7 of power battery business, power battery business this year is expected to reach 1.5 billion yuan. And from a traditional automobile industry transformation and upgrading of equipment and enterprise neosaurus hao Shanghai jun until, last year also showed a trend of multiplication and power battery business order conveniently up business still is expected this year.

The personage inside course of study is generally believed that lithium battery automatic production equipments for benefit logic has been changed. Past equipment enterprises mainly benefit from the lithium battery capacity expansion, the future will benefit from the lithium battery industry concentration degree of ascension.

At present, the equipment companies have overweight power battery field, or by way of merger and purchase, expansion of lithium electricity equipment layout, or focus technology upgrading, promote product upgrades, more equipment enterprise is in the transformation and upgrading of production line automation integrated solution provider. Take a look at united win, Shanghai laser, neosaurus hao jun until 2017 planning layout.
United win laser: upgrade technology to expand capacity

As a company with the core competitiveness of laser welding a full set of application solutions for professional provider, shenzhen league win laser co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "league win laser") become the one of the biggest beneficiaries of the rapid development of power battery industry.

Win laser director and deputy general manager of cattle reinforced to high lithium power grid, said the company in 2016 harvest in the field of laser welding power battery orders, equipment quality acclaim, and won the world's leading power battery manufacturers CATL the title of best partners.

Company always adhere to technology as the guide, has now formed a band control real-time laser energy feedback technology mainly covers the laser technology, laser processing technology, laser processing, testing technology and automation control technology and so on a number of core technologies.

Cattle enhanced told high lithium power grid, the company is developing a new technology, will be launched in April this year, which can further improve the efficiency of power battery production, promote the quality of the laser welding.

As is known to all, due to the power battery laser welding equipment with customized design, the production cycle is long, complex installation and debugging, power battery manufacturer of laser welding equipment procurement is careful, has considerable stability after using.

According to introducing, at present the league win of the laser has been widely used in products including CATL, catic lithium electricity, tianjin lishen, zhuhai silver long large lithium electricity enterprise such as production line. United win the laser welding machine market share and research and development technology is also in constant ascension.

"Company in the past two years has been in the field of new energy increasing investment to expand production capacity, with power battery manufacturers to expand the scale of production, the company in sales of power battery industry will also continue to grow, the performance of power battery industry this year is expected to double." Bull said.

Newknow-how:dance to the rhythm layout

Guangzhou neosaurus hao industrial equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "neosaurus hao") is a professional engaged in high technology industry equipment research and development, manufacture and sales of modern enterprise.

The independent research and development of helium leak detection equipment adopts full automation design, the aluminum shell lithium electricity, plastic li-ion battery, cylindrical battery shell injection fluid leak detection before inspection (middle), battery liquid seal injection after helium leak detection (finished products inspection) in the process of the leak detection performance good; And can provide single helium gas recovery system or central helium recovery system, greatly reduce helium use cost for the customer. At the same time, in view of the battery pack pack pack IP67 leak detection and effective solution.

General manager Lin Qiwu neosaurus hao said that over the past 20 years, the company as a helium leak detection equipment in the automotive industry, the most important provider of refrigeration industry, provide the market with nearly 2000 professional leak detection devices. In 2016 the company began to really get into the new energy industry, relying on excellent technology and reliable quality, the product has been smoothly into the part of the well-known domestic power battery enterprises, company's overall development in the field of new energy relatively fast pace.

According to introducing, at present, the helium leak detection equipment has been used neosaurus hao tianjin lishen kline, silver long group, Shanghai, shandong jade emperor, suzhou yu, ningbo vico lithium electricity companies such as production line, equipment failure rate is low, the market reflect good.

From the earliest air conditioning refrigeration industry to auto parts industry, and in the field of lithium ion power battery, neosaurus hao has always been to advanced technology, reliable quality and comprehensive service to set up a good brand image in the customer group. At present, has become a domestic vacuum neosaurus hao and helium leak detection technology has powerful influence and good market reputation in the field of technology service enterprises.

Lin Qiwu says, current, power battery manufacturers still exist between technical requirements in the process of production testing, testing standard is not unified, and even some manufacturers for requirements and detail description is not clear, in li-ion battery testing equipment for enterprises to build universal systematic test generation solution.

Set up new energy business, therefore, neosaurus hao for helium leak detection equipment in the field of power battery development, research, sales and marketing, and this year will further increase investment in business in the field of new energy, strengthen the communication with the customer, meet the demand of customers customized, excellence in technology, grow up together with battery enterprises.

Shanghai jun until: diversification strategy power solid brand

Power battery under the background of a surge in demand last year, the Shanghai jun until industrial automation co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai gentleman until") in the field of new energy vehicles business orders are multiplied.

Shanghai jun until general manager ma xin told high lithium power grid of the next year, the company's new energy battery PACK line, laser welding system, etc., has been applied in CATL, lishen, catic lithium electricity mainstream manufacturers. Although, subsidies for power battery down, but the 2017 new energy equipment orders are present outbreak growth. In the first half of the order was tend to be saturated state, in order to meet the demand of orders, the company will further strengthen internal training this year, establishing quality assurance system, standardize management, personnel, rapid expansion.

Until it is understood that Shanghai king subsoil in auto welding market for many years, since 2013 the layout of new energy battery field of laser equipment, relying on the resource advantage of auto welding market and technology accumulation, quickly open the market in the field of power battery.

In 2017, Shanghai jun until the business center of gravity is still automotive equipment industry, new energy power battery assembly line, the application of laser technology. In the auto sector, to strengthen the standardization and intensive cultivation, implement electronic and software system design, makes the high-quality goods project company. Technology in the field of new energy battery, actively expand and strengthen the process control, increase the rate of standardization, meet the pressing needs of the customer's delivery cycle.

"At the same time, this year the company and the Shanghai jiaotong university jointly developed a new energy whole aluminum body production line, and open to the industry. At the same time, the development of motor assembly line, the huge market demand for unmanned driving motor for the future production line layout." Ma xin said of the next year.

High lithium power grid, according to the Shanghai gentleman until covers an area of 50 mu of jiaxing base at the end of the year will be completed and put into use, the headquarters of Shanghai r&d base is in applying construction phase. 2017 annual business is expected to still take advantage of an opportunity to rise.

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