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2019-03-22 09:36

[Safety First] Industrial Injury Emergency Exercise

      In order to fully implement the emergency management policy of "safety first, prevention first", further enhance the safety awareness of employees, improve the ability of on-site disposal and self-rescue of employees in the event of mechanical injury, avoid or minimize the possible occurrence of mechanical injury and the losses caused, and ensure the safety of employees and enterprises, Xinlonghao Company opened on March 20, 2019. Exhibition of mechanical injury emergency drill.

      Emergency drill can be divided into two stages: knowledge training and practical drill.

Knowledge training stage

      In the knowledge training stage, Mr. Zhang Yaoxiang, the manager of the administrative department, introduced the knowledge of emergency rescue and gave instructions on how to operate emergency steps.

Practical drill stage

      At the beginning of the emergency drill, two employees were simulated to be injured by dumped material pressure in the process of installing the machine. The scene personnel immediately reported for help. The rescuers immediately went to the scene to shut down the equipment, power off, and evacuate the staff. The rescue team disinfected and bandaged the wounded parts on the spot.

      The whole drilling process was tense and orderly. The participants strictly operated according to the emergency plan, and achieved good results. The drilling task was successfully completed. After the drilling, Mr. Li Changping, the manager of manufacturing department, summarized and commented on the drill.

      Through this practical drill, the staff's emergency awareness and disposal ability were improved, and the staff mastered the correct use of emergency facilities and equipment, so that the emergency response ability was further improved.

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